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Firm Region
(Investment Focus)
Stage Investment Size (USD) Stake Holding Sector
Accelerator Technology Holdings MENA Early/second 0.5M-5M
Al Tamimi Investments* MENA All Stages 0-5M Minority to majority General/ All
Amundi MENA
Aureos Capital North Africa Development
Minority 2M-20M All sectors (consider smaller investments in health sector from 250K)
Berytech Fund Lebanon Early/Growth 0-1M Minority ICT/Education
Capital Invest (BMCE Capital) Morocco Late Stage VC 2-5M
Catalyst PE MENA (Primarily Levant/GCC) Early Stage (after seed/before growth)
Minority to Majority Energy (renewable and oil/gas efficiency) and water services and technology companies.
CDG Capital Private Equity Morocco Expansion 1-6M
Cedar Bridge Partners MENA, but with focus on Egypt, KSA, UAE Growth 100K 15M Minority/Majority Mainly education, healthcare, retail, and transportation
DAYAM Fund & Sherpa Finance Morocco Seed 0-650K Minority Innovation General
Dubai Silicon Oasis Fund MENA Seed to Series B 500K 4M Various Technology
Ideavelopers Egypt Round B/C 1-5M Minority TMT
Intel Capital MENA
IT Ventures / Nile Capital MENA All Stages 1-10M Controlling Minority/Majority Real Estate/Infrastructure/TMT/Healthcare/Education
IV Holdings MENA Angel/Seed 0-2M Controlling Minority Online services and Online services and digital media.
KLSC* MENA Early/Growth 0.5M-5M Various Life Sciences/Healthcare Services
Malaz Capital MENA Round B/C 1-2M Controlling Minority TMT
Maroc Numeric Fund Morocco Angel/Seed/Round B/C 0-1M Minority/Controlling Minority TMT/ICT
MBC Ventures MENA Round B/C 0-2M Minority TMT
Merchant Edge MENA Seed / Early Growth 100K TO 5 M Influential / Value-Add Minority Various
Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP) Levant and GCC Early/Growth $0.5K to $5m Influential Minority Favor consumer technology and retail sectors, but also consider ventures in other areas, such as services, logistics, food processing and hospitality.
Rising Tide Fund Middle East and North Africa Early/Growth 250k-2.5M various ICT, Mobile Apps, Healthcare and Green Tech.
Riva Y Garcia Maghreb Late Stage VC 2-5M
Riyada Enterprise Development MENA Growth 0.5-15M Influential Minority Multiple Sectors
Sadara Palestine/MENA Seed/Early 0-3M (in stages) minority technology/Internet/mobile
Sawari Ventures MENA Early/growth 250K-3M
TMT - specific interest in Arabic Web Content and Applications, Financial Services and eCommerce, Mobile Content and Applications, Software-as-a-Service, and Converged Services
Sinbad Ventures Arabia / MENA Early / Series A 0.5M Minority Internet and Mobile (consumer and enterprise)
STC Ventures MENA Early/late/growth 1-5M Influential minority+ TMT/ICT
Tuninvest-AfricInvest North Africa All Stages 500K-5M Minority Financial Sector
Twofour54 Ibtikar Abu Dhabi Seed/Early/growth 500K-5M Various Media and entertainment including online, gaming, mobile, television, animation and print.
Upline Investments Morocco Angel/Seed 2-12 M
Wamda Capital MENA, Turkey Early 50K-1M
Sector agnostic
Y + Ventures MENA Early Stage - Series A 0 - 1.5m Blocking minority Digital, Mobile, New Media, e-Commerce and Content space

Round B/C = financing after an initial seed, ICT = Information & Communications Technology, TMT = Technology, Media & Telecommunications.

  • Definition of Venture Capital in the MENA Region
  • VC is defined as the provision of long-term equity investment and strategic support by financial investors in innovative, scaleable companies at the early growth stage.

    Key criteria used to define VC investments also include:
    • Investments are in non-listed companies (private companies)
    • Investment commitment over the life of the deal of up to USD15 million*
    • There will be a plan for the VC investor to exit eventually
    • Above average returns are expected
    • VC does not include seed/angel or direct investments (by existing non-financial shareholders)
    • VC is not confined solely to technology investments, but technology is often a core factor that creates the level of potential scaleability
    • required in a VC deal.

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  • Important Note
  • * Direct Investments
  • VC type funding, but done through direct investments, not VC GP/LP structure

This information is intended to provide a brief snapshot of MENA VC firm details and other resources and does not attempt to verify the information nor endorse entities mentioned in the directory. Users are advised to do their own research.

This directory focuses on MENA only. Accordingly, some firms may have a wider mandate to invest in other geographies etc, but for the purposes of this directory, such information is excluded.